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Hey you made it! ive been waiting for you to drop in; feel free put your feet up and rest for a while.

Check out my Ko-fi if you want a Tarot reading! its fun and it helps me fund my projects!



It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!


Okay so ive been trying to move my mastodon instance from cloudplane to a new host due to cloudplane being down and on fire so often. the problem is the owner is very unhelpfull, and honestly quite rude even though he could have avoided all the isues hes having if he had not take on so many instances. so im joust going to start a new instance from the ground up and migrate my account there.


masto server is running smoothly and fully open to new enrollment now! redpanda.lgbt ! also working on a FurryIpsum Generator but im taking my time on that one. im looking into online HTML/Java classes because im having fun with this and want to learn more!

im not looking forward to the hollidays though, its cold as fuck and my bones hurt! hopefully some time in the next few months ill be movig into a job that pays more so thats good! it would be nice to have money to heat my house!


Started new mastodon server redpanda.lgbt and opened it for limited members while i test server!


added fediring buttons to site. figured out how to blog on this page, no subdomains needed! added header box for friends. home button pointless need to find use for button. need to test images in blog posts. need more flashy gif things. might make blinkie section under welcome box. need to back up page before doing work..........


Hello there friend! my names RustyPawz and im new to HTML. Heres some things you might want to know about me! i was born on may 21st of 97, im a furry, and my fursona is a Redpanda, I left the centralized net to join mastodon.lol and build my own little private paradise on the yesternet. I was drawn to neocities after watching a Whang! video about Geocities & because i missed the personalization of sites like gaia online.



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